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Detailed description of the car
Postato il: 03-21-2021 @ 11:51 am

What is a Dodge Ram? This is a big, powerful and brutal car that you can drive, both in the city and in the countryside. Until 2011, the brand was owned by the Dodge brand. It is now a separate division of Ram Trucks (still owned by Chrysler). The first cars of this brand came off the assembly line in 1981, and became so popular that they survived several "reincarnations".

The marking of the models itself depends solely on the parameters of their load capacity. For example, if the car is called Dodge Ram 1500, it means that the car is designed for 1.5 thousand pounds of cargo. Each next generation (2500, 3500) is larger and can carry heavier and larger loads. That is, a car marked 1500 can carry about 680 kg, on the Frame 2500-more than a ton, and on the 3500-1.36 tons. Cars marked 4500 and 5500 are also available, but they are considered cargo vehicles.

Starting in 1972, the 2021 Ram 1500 bolt pattern factories produced D-Series pickups. In the 80s of the last century, a facelift was carried out, as a result of which the head optics increased, a new instrument panel and seats appeared. The interior has changed beyond recognition, but the exterior is only partially changed.

For this car, engines with a volume of 3.7 to 5.9 liters were used. All engines could be equipped with different types of carburetors. The most serious changes occurred in the early nineties, when the 2nd generation Dodge Ram 1500/2500/3500 appeared on the market.

While many pickups were becoming more and more like an ordinary city car, this model on the contrary acquired the features of a truck. This was due to the fact that the manufacturer studied the opinion of customers. As a result, the dimensions increased, the famous large radiator grille appeared. All this perfectly complemented the image of the new car.

Over time, the technical characteristics of the Dodge ram 1500 also improved. By the appearance of the 3rd generation, the engines were revised, and by 2008 they began to put a 4.7-liter unit at 313 hp. Cars of this model were produced with a hard-wired full or rear-wheel drive.

In the same year, 2008, the 4th generation was shown at the Detroit Auto Show. As experts noted, the appearance of this car demonstrated to the whole world the fact that a truck for its intended purpose, a large pickup truck, can well be used for everyday needs, and used on a par with conventional SUVs, crossovers, etc.

Have the characteristics of the Dodge Ram 4 generation changed, relative to the earlier version? In general, yes. For example, the suspension was heavily redesigned, and a course stability block was added. The interior has improved the quality of plastic, changed some of the devices on the panel, improved its illumination. In the rear fenders there were convenient niches for luggage. The design has also changed for the better. In 2009, the 1500 series was slightly updated.

The 4-th was produced from 2008 to 2011, when Dodge lost the rights to the Ram trademark, and all Dodge Ram 1500s began to be produced under the RAM name. However, all the changes occurred within the parent company Chrysler, which owns the sub-brands Fodge and RAM.

The most modern version was introduced in 2016. This is a large full-size pickup truck, offered with a standard or extended four-door cab. The cargo platform itself can be 193 or 244 cm.

The enlarged cabin can easily accommodate six adult men of standard build. The manufacturer did not stint and offered customers eleven options for completing the car at once, including the popular Rebel, Sport and Limited.

Perhaps the most progressive in the entire line was the Rebel configuration, which many motorists consider almost a separate direction of the Ram 1500. In 2016, the world was presented with this new product. If you are used to the Spartan style, then everything is different here:

The panel has the ability to connect gadgets. Yes, your smartphone or tablet can be connected to the car. The luggage compartment has a practical and beautiful illumination on powerful LEDs. A folding roof is available as an option.

However, the technical characteristics of the Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel seem no less impressive. Back in 2015, visitors to the Detroit Auto Show were shown new cars. They are equipped with a V-shaped " six " 3.6 liters, with a capacity of 309 hp at 365 N * m, or a similar design 8-cylinder unit of 5.7 liters, at 400 hp 556 N*m. Both variants have full-fledged all-wheel drive and an excellent 8-speed automatic transmission.

Ultimo aggiornamento il 03-21-2021 @ 11:51 am

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